To err is mine

In the previous post, I wrote that during an evening with friends, we talked about Timothy Leary, Walter Huston, and LSD.

Rereading the post later in the day, I wondered whether I’d spelled Huston correctly. I was about to google Walter Huston to check it out when I realized Walter wasn’t correct either.

Somebody Huston, or Houston, was involved in those experiments with LSD, but it wasn’t the actor who won the Academy Award for his role in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Then, while trying to remember Mr. H’s first name, I realized it wasn’t Somebody Huston/Houston, it was Huston/Houston Somebody.

Are you still with me?

I would have searched Amazon for The Harvard Psychedelic Club, which is what got us talking about the subject in the first place, but I couldn’t remember the title. So I googled something like Leary Harvard LSD and–Lo and behold!–found the name I was looking for: Huston Smith.

Under normal circumstances, I’d have corrected the name in the post. However, the fact that I’d ended it by saying that my friend kept referring to Halloween when she meant Valentine’s Day made my little gaffe rather amusing. So I added a footnote instead.

Fast forward a couple of hours. Checking out the post again, I noted I’d misspelled the first name. I’d written Houston instead of Huston.

Huston is what I’d started with. Wrong position but correct spelling.

So I clicked Edit and added another footnote.

And, as I’d done twice before, I e-mailed my friend a link to the post. I thought she might as well see how I’d spent my day.

The thing is–once upon a time, I was proud of my attention to detail. Other people complimented me on my attention to detail. I told my students about my attention to detail and strongly suggested they get some of their own.

Now I’m falling apart before my own eyes. And, since Whiskertips is visible to whoever happens along, before everyone else’s eyes as well.

I don’t like that.

But I don’t sweat it either. It’s small stuff.

I mean, you should hear about the blunder I made in a post a couple of weeks ago. Talk about embarrassing. I even received an e-mail about it. From a famous person. Whose name I shall not include here because that’s how he found out about the mistake in the first place. From his news feed.

Never mind.

Anyway, today’s slip gave me the idea for this post. That’s a good thing. Someday I might decide to write about the other one.

In the words of Crescent Dragonwagon, and possibly other people as well, “Nothing is wasted on the writer.”


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