They’re back…

The FTC/book review kerfuffle having been resolved to my satisfaction, book reviews are returning to Whiskertips. (See October 7 post for full and snippy explanation.)

Their removal resulted from my creating a tempest in a teapot, making a mountain  of a molehill, and  turning a wart into Ossa.

But when the ruling hit the web and commentary hit the blogs, and I learned I might be an offender, the effect was, to say the least, jangling. I was  in the process of cruising the New England-Canada coast in search of fall foliage. It was difficult to concentrate on leaves when I expected momentarily to be set upon by Mounties with orders to hustle me back to where I came from.

All is well now, however. Story Circle Network Book Reviews provided the form for a disclaimer acknowledging when a review copy has been provided by a source interested in the bottom line. I’m no longer looking over my shoulder for the RCMP or anyone else. (Which, since I have from childhood dreamed of being swept up onto a horse and into the arms of a baritone who is calling me-eee-eee, is, to be honest, a bit of a letdown.)

The alleged kerfuffle also taught me something about the responsibility of the blogger to remember he’s not writing in or for a vacuum. And it gave me the opportunity to refer to Ossa and the wart, something I’ve wanted to do ever since I first read Hamlet a million years ago.

So in the next few days, the deleted book reviews will reappear, one by one, accompanied by the appropriate disclaimer. And I shall settle in to read more books, write more reviews, and await the next dust-up, which will, I hope, afford me the chance to mention the quills upon the fearful porpentine.


The author wrote the above post by and for herself. Nobody gave her a book or money or in any way paid her for the effort. Darn it.


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