An apology of sorts

Several weeks ago I posted two accounts of my experiences as a Facebook newbie. The first was titled “Squirrels and Seduction”; the second, “Kangaroos and Blessings.” Both posts described situations concerning giftie credits.

Since these posts went on-line, my readership has increased. I am pleased, of course, that more people are discovering Whiskertips.

But lurking on my Statistics page, like a worm in the bud, is a secret that eats away at the joy of newfound fame, to wit: search terms. Many of my new readers access Whiskertips by googling “facebook giftie credits” or “how to get giftie credits” or “giftie credits how to use.” In other words, instead of seeking entertainment or enlightenment, they’re looking for information.

If there’s one thing Whiskertips is short on, it’s information. In fact, the Squirrel and the Kangaroo posts emphasize that I know practically nothing about giftie credits. And that I intend to bask in my ignorance.

I regret any disappointment my new readers feel when they discover Squirrels and Kangaroos won’t tell them what they want to know.

I regret as well that my new readers probably are not readers at all. I’m sad to think of them clicking away almost before they arrive.

But it’s nice to know that new folks visit from time to time. I like to think some of them linger a while, read a few lines, and perhaps a few more. And maybe some even read to the end. And maybe they’ll return someday when they don’t want to know a blissful thing.

It could happen.


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