Farewell to NaBloPoMo

In mid-July I joined NaBloPoMo.

From July 10th through the 29th, I posted on both Whiskertips and NaBloPoMo. I discovered delightful blogs and delightful bloggers. I wrote pieces I wouldn’t have written if I hadn’t been required to post every day.

Unfortunately, there was one thing I didn’t do during that time in July. I didn’t work on the novel in progress as I should have. In fact, it’s become a novel not in progress.

If I had world enough and time, I’d be able to do everything I want. Actually, I have world enough, but time poses a problem.

To get the would-be book back on track, I must leave NaBloPoMo. I’ll still visit to discover new blogs, and I’ll continue to visit those I enjoyed while I was posting.

And, of course, I’ll continue to post on Whiskertips, just on a less rigorous schedule.

Thanks for everything, NaBloPoMo. It was fun writing with you.


Books I have read in 2009, part 1

Instead of being continued, this post was abandoned. Please do not think this is all I read in 2009.

Incomplete and from (a porous) memory

Dancing at the River’s Edge/Brill & Lockshin; How to Murder a Millionaire/Martin; Understanding Women with AD/HD/Nadeau & Quinn; Driven to Distraction/Hallowell & Ratey; Delivered from Distraction/Hallowell and Ratey; Celebration! A Woman’s Story of Courage, Endurance, and Transcendance/Grose

to be continued