Teenaged Gang
Gang of Two

For questioning regarding gang activity, including but not limited to (1) biting our ear at 4:00 a.m. [William, possibly abetted by Mr. E.], (2) tiptoeing through the china, (3) tickling the ivories, and (4) chewing the hose of a blood pressure monitor in two, thus rendering said monitor useless.

A third party charged with and found guilty of monitor neglect was sentenced to 30 minutes in line at Walgreen’s buying a replacement and has vowed never to do it again.

A similar vow from the perps pictured here will be deemed sufficient and no charges will be brought.

Top: Mr. E.
Bottom: William of Orange

5 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Oh, my. Well, since they’ve both already got stripes, at least you won’t have to buy new prison-garb for them. Tickling the ivory could be a good thing if the right melody is selected, but biting anyone’s ear at 4 o’clock in the middle of the night is just WRONG and should be duly punished. (Had it been MY ear, the wrong-doer would have learned to fly right then and there!) The pierced hose to the blood pressure cuff is funny….on ocassion I’ve wanted to do that, too!…was his reading too high?
    Ah, the trials and tribulations of the cat-people!


  2. The wrong-doers already know how to fly. That’s part of our problem. But, as you say, we’ll save on uniforms.

    Does Annabelle have a friend yet?


  3. The scars are still visible from William’s nighttime raids on his foster mom — eyes, nose, ankles, toes … but when he then settles down in the crook of your arm and purrs himself to sleep, well, is there really any need for him to stay in jail for very long? It probably wasn’t his fault anyway. Blame it on Ernest (a suspiciously goody-goody name, if you ask me).


  4. Ernest does have a goody-goody ring to it. But considering the first suggestion was Ethelred, we thought Ernest wasn’t too bad. We’ve discovered, however, that William’s innocent face and pudgy body are deceptive. We break up wrestling matches when he screeches only to have him jump up and tackle Ernest from behind. Sometimes he screeches when Ernest is just looking at him. It seems to be part of the game. And I doubt that anyone ever serves a day of jail time. We’d never find a jury that would convict.


  5. I should add that William’s round little body is in the process of becoming long and lean.


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